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Beating the Summer Bummer

Has summer not measured up to the hype this year? Have hardships been dragging what is suppose to be a fun family season through the mud?

Remember that feeling you had as a kid getting out of school on the very last day? Even though we are homeschooling this is the expectation of how I measure up summer for my kids. They are excited to close up those books (well, me too) and explore the world! *insert exploration music here*.

Except, everything for me was NOT that way.

This is something I have named the summer bummer. I bet you it is a real thing that you can find in a dictionary for homeschooling moms. It is something that I personally experienced this year at the beginning of June.

My two younger children contracted hand-foot-mouth disease, a couple of important relationships in my life seemed difficult to navigate, babysitters were dropping my arrangements (for good reasons) left and right, and my time I spent with the Lord compared to looking in the fridge for left-overs.

I was disappointed that we were stuck in the house when the weather was amazing. Facebook and Instagram, of course, tempting me even further to grumble about my unfortunate events. The joy was certainly not spilling over like a fountain. 

Then, I remembered this verse.

"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3 There are two pieces of this verse that I dissected in my recent Podcast.

1. God has done so many great things for us. What are they in your life? I had forgotten to focus and consider those things God has already done for us as a family.

2. We are filled with joy when we remember those great

things. We know how important it is to teach our kids about history - so we do not repeat the errors of past civilizations. Similarly, remembering the history of God working in our own lives - to remember His faithfulness and invigorate us toward worship and praise. 

Then, when praise is on the tip of our tongues, it's harder to grumble. 

Write a list of things that fill you with joy. Write down a list of things God has done in your own life (dig deep if you need to). And praise Him for His faithfulness!


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