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My family is not my Savior

If you delight more in God’s gifts than in God Himself, you are practically setting up another God above Him, and this you must never do. Spurgeon

I go about my day and I find myself getting frustrated in the little things and annoyances that come up. We all have been there as moms, wives, workers of the home, workers at a job. 

We count our blessings yet when those things don't satisfy us we become angry, frustrated, and disappointed. And unrepentant, we become blind, bitter. 

Our children are beautiful and healthy - and we snap at them for not being well behaved at a store.

Our husbands love us and we have a marriage - and we become silently bitter when they don't speak to us or the kids with love.

Our job practically fell into our lap - yet we gossip about our bosses with the other co-workers.

Our friends are fun - yet we envy when we see them with others on Facebook and Instagram.

We worked hard for making our body healthy for God's work through us - yet we crumble when we gain two pounds.

Satan has his fingers through all these things. He would like nothing more than to steal our joy and keep you from our first love - Our one and Only Savior!

Ladies, we must place our lives on the solid rock of our Savior.

Our child is not our savior. Our friends are not. Our jobs are not. We are not. And by golly our far-from-perfect spouses are not. We must love them and pray for them and remember that Jesus is the one and only one who can set us free. Why are we looking to things of this world to satisfy us?

Remember this and be encouraged. Christ has set us free. He gives and takes away - blessed by His name!


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