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Hello, I'm Amy!




Born a sinner, saved by Grace. Healed from drug addiction & adultery when Christ became my King, restoring my life and marriage only by His sovereign hand.

Experienced tragic loss of a loved one and ministering to our family.

Lived through a miracle when my husband survived a helicopter crash, navigating what it means to be a helpmate in even deeper ways as he suffers.


Imperfect, and pressing on! (Philippians 3:12-14)

Holding onto Christ's "parting words", The Great Commission as my calling in whatever God has for my life. (Matthew 2:18-20)

Being a wife and constantly being sanctified as I learn constantly to lay my own needs and wants down before Christ.

Homeschooling my four kiddos ages 5 to 15 (also, seeing my sin a lot and being sanctified in that roll) and discipling them in the ways of the Lord.

Serving church member at City Bible Church in Sacramento, CA.

Passionate about teaching God's Word and truths, refuting the ways of the world.

Writing a book on being dependent on the Lord in every season: how the garden exposes deep, theological truths the Bible teaches us.

Student at Spurgeon College/Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary pursing Biblical Studies and M.Div


It is definitely easy to get caught up in the mundane of the duties of life and motherhood. It is easy to lose sight of the joy of the great commission we have received by being blessed with these children. There was a moment in my life as a young mom when I looked up from my time in the word to see the sun shining down, and the orange tree bursting with beautiful fruit. It is the SON that brings us life, and abiding in Him grows the fruit we desire in our life.


Let it not be that we lose this joy, this comfort, and the friendship we have in our Lord and Savior. The grace He gives us is sufficient. Let's rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and encourage each other look at the sweetness of Him, and the shining glory of His attributes. 

I am available to take inquiries at your next women's event. To see an outline of what I believe, view the statement of faith on my home church's website It is my goal to point every eye to Scripture, to shine the light of the Gospel to each session, and to encourage those in the audience to press on. 


Say hello, ask for prayer, or inquire for speaking.

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