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For our fights are not against flesh and blood (people)...

A fight with a loved one. A disagreement with a church member, or fellow homeschool mom. Squabbles with your kids no matter the age. Road rage. 

We have all experienced this. I sit here and recount the many numerous times I have experienced this. The command to love others helps to know that these things are not against flesh and blood as Ephesians 6:12 states but rather against the forces of sin and evil that cause it to happen. 

By seeing that the person is just wrestling with sin and evil like me, I am able to see that person through the lens of Jesus Christ. We are able to allow compassion to enter into the situation. We are able to come alongside and just be. 

They are on our side, too.

Be two sinners in a relationship on earth that are in it together. For the long haul. 

Restoration makes God smile and Satan cringe. 

I need to pray for my heart Him first. 

As we continue life we see that restoration happens daily. 

The forgiveness from a loved one. Reaching common agreement with a church member. Letting go of our personal preferences (and tension) with that other mom. Hugging our kids tight and asking for forgiveness. Paying for the order of the lady who you just cut off trying to get in the Starbucks line.

He is able. Let truth rule your heart today. ❤️

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