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Looking to Him

The thing we look at the most, reflects through us the most.

One of the flower farm favorites here is the sunflower. It’s hard to not look at it and smile. Maybe it’s the way it’s so bright and cheerful? Or the way it is open-faced? My favorite, is the way it follows the sun.

If you notice the growth of the sunflower, as the young flower heads emerge, they will actually follow the sun. It turns it’s head through the day starting first at the position of the sunrise, and ending at the position of the sunset. Then, it returns back to the sunrise position by morning again. This process is called, heliotropism, and occurs as a sign of growth. Once the sunflower matures, it will harden usually in the sunrise position.

Which is likely why it’s called the sunflower. It reflects the image that it looks at and follows the most.

If we call ourselves a Christian (literally meaning, “Christ-follower”) we can liken ourselves to the sunflower.

What we set our gaze to the most will reflect outwardly. Do we look to the Son to give us life and growth? Or are we looking at other things?

Comparing ourselves to others takes our gaze away from being like Christ to trying to be like man. It reflects behaviors of bitterness, envy, strife, discontent, depression, anxiety, and hostility. (Galatians 1:10)

Looking to worldly wisdom and not the Living Word (John 1) reflects in incorrect applications of Scripture, blasphemy, idolatry, pride, and selfish ambition.

Constant mulling over of past hurts and failures even though we know we have forgiven/been forgiven keeps us looking at our own understanding, elevating our feelings above truth, and gives Satan an opportunity to deceive us greatly (James 4)

I am a great offender of these principles which is why I need His grace all the more, my friends.

There are many other things that can take our gaze off of Him. Prone to wander, Lord I feel it. But ultimately, just get in your copy of God’s Word. Stop looking around. See what He says about how much He loves you and how much He values you to save you, giving you the best gifts. Moment by moment, keep in step.


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