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Christmas is Coming! Advent Devotions and Reading Lists

A reoccurring prayer request amongst me and my prayer group of faithful sisters is for us to be more committed to the Word and spending time with God in prayer and devotion. I get so busy to serve our family and others that I forget to intentionally set time down at our Savior's feet to worship and just be with Him. We are so blessed to be planted by streams of water - the availability of the Word is right there for us to drink it.

This is why I love Advent reading lists. One of my favorite times during Advent and is a helpful kickstart to reading the Word every day not just with my family but to inspire *me* to get in it every day by setting the time aside to do it like it is the priority it is.

There are so many options out there with plenty of devotions to purchase and use. We have done something different every year to make it fun! Sometimes we have started December 1st and sometimes way later, like December 15th. We also have started on December 25th and read as a countdown to Resurrection Day.

Just remember what He wants: an abiding relationship while teaching us through His word, prayer, and worship.

On the flip side, to speak grace and life into your soul...He sees your family get sick and you miss a few days, and that's ok, too, because you worship Him by caring for the needy. He just wants a pure heart - not for you to die on the hill of your to-do list.

Here's a list of things we have done over the years (not perfectly but in a vision that matched our season):

The Jesus Story Book (for my younger kids)

The Gospel Story Book (great for all ages together)

Reading One chapter of Luke a day for 24 chapters (great for Christmas to Resurrection Day)

Following the Star to Bethlehem: We would read then give each of them a Trader Joe's chocolate star because we are following the star as we anticipate the birth of Jesus.

Reading the beginning of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John over the week of Christmas

Pinterest has tons of other reading lists and ideas you can print and easily follow. What a beautiful way to instill the word of God into the Christmas season that so quickly becomes all about us.


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