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Thanksgiving in the midst of busy

Our Thanksgiving this year looks quite different than we imagined it from the beginning of the year! Are you saying that, too? Maybe you can relate, today!

I never thought that this would be the week that we would be moving out of our home we have loved for five years and into the adventures of the next chapter. After an opportunity to put an offer on a home in the country fell through, we realized that we had the opportunity to build our next home. This has been a long-time dream that we almost forgot about, seemingly out of reach.

As we search for land, we were blessed with a temporary home of a friend. For a little while I thought we would be doing Thanksgiving around a propane heater in a camping trailer. Although that might be in the cards for the future, God knew better for us to have a home during the winter.

We are staying local this time while we unpack the boxes, but there is one tradition that I just love that is easy and fun for the whole family: The Thanksgiving Tree!

Over at my sister site,, I have a FREE printable with instructions on how to do just this.

It's an easy, non-overwhelming, easy-to-customize tradition that brings THANKS into the home and into our hearts.

Cut out the leaves, write down what you are thankful for, clip them to branches arranged in a vase or pot, and reflect on God's goodness!

Head over there to find it and have an amazing thanksgiving full of laughter, fun, and contentment in all circumstances!


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